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Original soundtrack created by Matths (a.k.a. Matthias Le Bidan)

Quick biography:

- In the past - Music composer for the demomakers group Useless. (contribution for the Useless Bomber game, our old music-disk "with attitude")
- then - Original soundtrack and sound effects for the game Frozen Bubble.
- finally - Original soundtrack for Pathological.
- next - waiting for any project...

All musics in the game were composed with Fasttracker II (a demo-scene tracker).

I won't be able to thank enough Triton (mythical demo group) for their great work... their software is not far from perfection!

Soundtrack Features

  • The intro music has 9 channels.
  • The main music has 13 channels.
  • All instruments are high quality sound samples.

Because we tried to keep a reasonable size for the full game, the intro-page music you can hear uses (slightly) downgraded sound samples (actually they are converted to 8-bit). Here are the full quality musics in XM format for download.

Intro SongXM (10 Mb)Zipped XM (7 Mb)MP3 (2 Mb)
In-Game SongXM (7 Mb)Zipped XM (4 Mb)MP3 (6 Mb)

Note: the XM files are the originals. The MP3 files have slight quality loss, and are not loopable.

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